TOS & Features

By buying Jigged or redeeming a subscription, you agree to be charged $75 on a monthly renewal basis. There are no refunds once your membership has been activated or redeemed. Below are the features you will receive.
of features to help you make the most money you can online.


Our groups is most know for the jigs we provide, that’s why we called ourselves ‘Jigged’. We offer free trials for different services, and exploits for you to get a lot of free things.

Price Errors

All online stores have prices mistakenly put lower than they should be. We scan all the major sites on a daily basis to find and post those items on our group so you can get them.


Jigged gives all our members access to a group exclusively made for coupons. What can you do with them? You can get free products from stores like Target, Walmart & many other popular stores.

Low & High Key Flips

Jigged offers the best of the best professionals in finding items that you can flip for a good profit. This includes posters, artworks, sculptures & many other items.

Jigged Plugged

Jigged Plugged is another group that we give our users free of charge. Here we provide deals such as discounted gift cards, discounted food orders & secret ways to earn even more money.


Jigged makes sure to provide our members free items, products & food. Our team makes sure to always update our freebies list to always get the best deals.




$ 250k+

Monthly Combined Profit


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